What Your Coordinator Will (And Won't) Do For You On Wedding Day

One of the biggest questions brides always have is what will a wedding coordinator do for you? And what are things they don’t typically do?

It’s always helpful to know what your wedding coordinator handles for you, but it’s also helpful to know what they don’t so that you aren’t left scrambling the day of, or facing unexpected charges.


DO: Create and manage your wedding day timeline.

Everyone knows you need a solid timeline to help your day run smoothly. Let the professionals help you put together a timeline that works for you and your unique day, and execute that day of.

DO NOT: Cut and serve the cake.

While some coordinators (like us) offer this as an add on package, you shouldn’t expect that your coordinator will cut the cake for you. Some may not be comfortable with the job, because there is a correct (and incorrect) way to cut it in order to maximize servings without making a mess. For Simply Chic, we charge for this service but we also come equipped with gloves & supplies to do the job right.

DO: Manage the wedding party.

From the moment your coordinator arrives, they should be checking on you, making sure things are running on time. Wedding parties can be chaotic because they’re SO excited for you and your big day, and things can fall behind without your coordinator keeping track.

DO NOT: Pickup or deliver items.

Unless you are renting items from your coordinator or have agreed to them providing items for you, don’t expect your coordinator to be a pickup service. Your coordinator needs to be at the site coordinating and managing your wedding day, and unexpected travel and expenses can also take a toll on them as well. Talk to your coordinator first about cost before putting this expectation on them.

DO: Provide an emergency kit.

An experienced coordinator should always come prepared with an emergency kit filled with all the 'what if's' of a wedding day like tape, scissors, sewing kit, pins, fabric tape, and so much more. If you aren't sure, ask!

DO NOT: Clean up your wedding venue afterwards.

A coordinator should never be expected to clean up the mess after the event unless specifically contracted to do so. Even breakdown packages do not include cleaning the venue.

DO: Take charge of the wedding day.

Your coordinator should be the person everyone can turn to if there's an issue and to find a solution. For this reason, you should only appoint a secondary point of contact as a back up. Too often we find that helpful maid of honors or family members are working against the coordinator and making the job that much harder. Appoint someone as your contact, but remind them to let your coordinator take the lead.

DO NOT: MC or announce events during reception.

This is a job for your DJ or a trusted friend or family member. Coordinators need to work behind the scenes to keep the day running smoothly, and usually won't make announcements for things like your entrance, special dances, or toasts. Always check with your coordinator before assigning this job to them.


While a coordinator's job is to keep your day running smoothly, it's always helpful to know what is and is not included so that you can make arrangements for this. While most will go over this in your initial meeting, some may not know to ask or remind brides that they do not cover these things. So always ask questions, and if you don't get a clear answer, ask again!

Happy Planning!

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